Hit your 2020 targets today

Hit your 2020 targets today

One chilly morning in the late 90s, my older brother Mike began to lace up for a run and asked me if I wanted to join him. As a naturally athletic kid, I said sure. Once jogging our route, I asked him how far we were going to go.

“Three miles,” he replied.

“Three? I can’t do three! That’s too far,” I whined.

“Don’t think of it as three miles. See that stop sign in 100 yards?” he queried.

“Yes,” I panted.

“Tell yourself it’s the next stop sign. And once you’re at that stop sign, repeat that, tell yourself you’ll run until the next stop sign,” he informed.

I keep doing this until I’ve completed the entire run. I break it into small blocks I know I can definitely accomplish.” he instructed.

So we ran that way, every 200 yards, Mike giving me a target to focus on that I knew I could accomplish. Sooner than I had realized, or thought I could muster, we jogged 3 miles.

Similarly, how many times do you set resolutions and fail at keeping them? It’s not because of time constraints, you can’t afford that Peloton bike, or because it’s too hard to accomplish. It’s because we’re setting ourselves up for failure.

Losing 30 pounds in the coming year is a lofty goal. How about breaking that into smaller, more achievable building blocks that aren’t even necessarily weight-related. Try adding one more glass of water to your day, trading a side of french fries for a side salad, or taking the stairs to your conference call. 

Let’s prepare for the new year by making small daily changes today. You’ll complete your 2020 resolution sooner than you thought you could.

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